Location/How to reach us

The conference reception will be organized in the “Sala Polivalente” at the USI-SUPSI East Campus in Lugano-Viganello (Via La Santa, 1, 6962 Lugano-Viganello). The new East Campus, inaugurated in 2021, is located in the city center and houses the Faculty of Computer Science and the new Faculty of Biomedical Sciences of the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), the Department of Innovative Technologies of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI), the Institute for Artificial Intelligence Studies (IDSIA) and the Promotion Center for Startups.


The nearest airport to reach Lugano is Milano Malpensa Airport located at only 70 km from Lugano. Trains from T1 at Malpensa to Lugano depart every hour at minutes :19, from 6:19 to 23:19. There are also private bus shuttles connecting Malpensa to Lugano station in around 70 min, but you have to check these services because many were cancelled during covid.

Other solutions are the Zürich Airport (Kloten). where connections to Lugano by train take around two hours, Linate and Bergamo-Orio al Serio Airports (for both, shuttle to Milano Central station and then train to Lugano).

But Malpensa is easier and therefore recommended.

By train or by car, Lugano is in the main axis North-South from Zurich to Milano and every train stops in Lugano (1h50 min from ZH, 1h10 min from Milano).

Lugano and Canton of Ticino

Lugano is the most populous city in Canton Ticino in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. The city enjoys a wonderful landscape: it lies along the shores of the lake of the same name and is surrounded by the Swiss Alps.

The Canton of Ticino is located in the southern part of the Swiss Alps and is characterised by its variety of landscapes and natural beauty in its four regions: Ascona-Locarno, Lugano region, Bellinzona and Valli, and Locarno.